A back-to-nature premium land experience like no other

Nestled within the spectacular and historic 2,500-hectare Domaine of Bel Ombre, Bel Ombre Nature Reserve is a must-visit in Mauritius. We offer a one-of-a-kind, year-round premium land experience in the heart of a scenic 1,300-hectare nature reserve wrapped in stunning biodiversity that packs in plenty of fun, premium land adventures, and thrills for visitors of all ages and interests.

Enjoy exclusive picnics, exciting quad or buggy drives, energising treks in 1,300 hectares of lush nature, breathtaking views, impressive waterfalls, and intact natural beauty.  Our 4x4 safaris are also available if you are looking for a more relaxed tour of the immense reserve.

Our aim is to give meaning to your holiday. Indeed, we offer you an opportunity to make yourself useful to nature through a unique experience that will allow you to learn and act to change things. If for many people, holidays are a time to get away from it all and recharge their batteries, for us, it's an opportunity to free yourself from the pressures of everyday life. Push your limits and become a better you.

Choose from a range of exciting outdoor activities designed to make your experience as complete as it is thrilling. Get ready to get back to basics and be amazed by the magnificent scenes on a hike deep into the reserve, explore the spectacular beauty of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, enjoy a scenic ride on our Bay2Bay Tour to discover the historic southwestern coastal landscape, or take in the breathtaking spectacle of an underwater waterfall, a unique natural phenomenon.

It's a true return to nature. On the one hand, the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean and on the other, landscapes of tropical forests, rivers and waterfalls, as well as mountainous terrain. The geomorphology, climate and vegetation of Bel Ombre Nature Reserve also provide a valuable habitat for various plant and animal species.

Come and discover a great diversity of ecosystems and protected landscapes that are home to some rare endemic plant and bird species, as well as exotic animals introduced to the island. At the heart of this natural wealth, you will also find vestiges of almost three centuries of human occupation of the region.

Put your words into action and discover for yourself the gifts that nature has to offer. No matter what activity you choose, on foot, on two or four wheels, we guarantee you a safe and enjoyable adventure. The equipment we provide is always of high quality and well maintained. In addition, a qualified guide will accompany you to fully appreciate the history, natural beauty and cultural heritage of Bel Ombre.

Our experiences are designed with great respect for the ecology, as well as the surrounding people and communities. Our commitment to conservation is also reflected in our long-standing partnerships with public authorities and specialist NGOs such as the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Reef Conservation and SOS Patrimoine.

We are committed to caring for the land entrusted to us. That's why we give equal priority to ecology, education, adventure and conservation to deepen your connection with nature. Take only photos and memories of your experience at Bel Ombre Nature Reserve and be respectful of the environment when visiting this wonderful place.


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