Guests are taken in our Land Rover to one of the two exceptional picnic spots, designed by award-winning Design Company – Nomadic Resorts.  A true tropical Back to Nature experience, our picnic experiences provide an immersion into the wild nature of the reserve as well as time to savour the best things in life: time to reconnect with family while enjoying a tropical wholesome Mauritian picnic, lounge by the river with a glass of wine or on a hammock, enjoy traditional games of Molky and Tic Tac Toe, without being disturbed by mosquitoes…

Choose between:

Picnic Frédérica is set up near the foot of the Frédérica waterfalls.


Picnic Cipayes is located in L’Abattis next to a natural pool where a huge tree has created a natural bridge across the stream. (Not Available at the moment)

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