Unesco Biosphere Reserve, bel ombre nature reserve, Mauritius

Getting away from it all and discovering the (almost) indigenous Mauritius, this is what awaits hikers in the heart of the Bel Ombre biosphere. In 1977, UNESCO chose to designate internationally protected areas to promote the harmonious integration of people and nature for sustainable development. Unique in Mauritius, the Bel Ombre Biosphere Reserve is one of 701 sites in the world to have been recognized by UNESCO. It is one of the few places where you can still admire the last vestiges of the endemic flora and fauna of the island.


Of course, no more dodos or giant tortoises, these species having irreparably disappeared. But all efforts and works within the biosphere aim at preserving the rich diversity of the local fauna and endemic plants, with more than 150 different species. This sustainability work is essential to allow our children and grandchildren to have the chance to enjoy it too.


To discover this haven of peace, we put on our walking shoes, we equip ourselves with a mosquito repellent and a raincoat and we’re ready to start the adventure! For Rs 2,500 per person, we embark on a five-hour hike with a ranger who makes us discover a variety of landscapes ranging from swamps to moors to tropical forests. At his side, we discover with wonder endemic birds such as the Echo Parakeet, the Mauritian Kestrel, the Olive White Eye and the Mauritius Fody. We also get the opportunity to observe the Pink Pigeon, the only Mascarenes pigeon not to be extinct. After having almost disappeared in the 1990s, the Pink Pigeon is the subject of special conservation efforts, to which the Biosphere Observatory is contributing.


Thus, to the joy of discovering the magic of the almost original landscapes of Mauritius is added that of contributing to the work of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation for the preservation of local flora and fauna.

We would love to continue exploring every corner of these magnificent landscapes with our passionate guide! But after five hours of hiking, it is time to go and regain strength ... maybe at the Enba Pié restaurant?

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