Unleash the eco-adventurer in you!

You don’t have to be an outdoor adventurer to find something you like at Frederica Nature Park Reserve. Let yourself be spoilt for choice with a variety of pursuits to choose from in a stunning and diverse scenery.

This wildlife sanctuary where history meets nature in the preserved South-West of Mauritius was named after the historic Frederica sugar estate founded in the 19th century, whose chimney still towers over the landscape.

Frederica is your chance to get closer to nature in more ways than one by exploring this place blessed with incredibly rich biodiversity, teeming with rare endemic plant and animal species. Cross rivers, streams, dams and enjoy the cool rush of L’Exemple waterfall.

The rolling landscape of the reserve is wonderful for a quad ride. To keep it safe and enjoyable for all, a ‘tester’ session with an experienced guide will prepare you for the thrill and wonder that await you.

For a more laid-back adventure, you may opt for a four-wheel-drive tour. The banks of Jacotet River additionally provide wonderful spots for a romantic picnic lunch in the cool tranquillity of a tropical river.

The more adventurous ones who want to get down to earth and experience nature in its simplest form can also set out for a trek with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation’s guides, who know the nature reserve inside out.


A visit to Frederica is just not your ordinary nature and wildlife experience!

Activities available include:

  • Eco Quad Tour

Our 2½-hour Eco Quad tours will satisfy your thrill-seeking side with an exhilarating ride across the reserve, which is home to an amazing variety of life forms and a beautiful natural setting of waterfalls, rivers, mountains and valleys.

  • Four-Wheel-Drive Safari Tour

Sit back, relax and enjoy our awesome 2½-hour four-wheel drive excursion. Take your time to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Bel Ombre landscape and biodiversity – you can also try a nature-by-night experience for a change.

  • Mauritian Wildlife Foundation Trail

Get in touch with your environmentalist side and enjoy nature in its simplest form. Set out for a 2-hour down-to-earth guided trek with a Mauritian Wildlife Foundation ranger that will inspire you to explore and protect the Mauritian biodiversity.

  • Picnic at Frederica

Frederica offers wonderful spots for a leisurely 3-hour picnic lunch by the water, surrounded by a rich variety of plant life, chirping birds and the gentle rush of Jacotet River and L’Exemple waterfall.



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