An adventurer’s paradise

Take a voyage back to the time when sepoys, Indian infantrymen of the British colonial army had taken up camp at L’Abattis des Cipayes following the takeover of Mauritius by the British in the early 19th century. Starting from our Welcome Centre in Beau Champ, where some of the island’s former governors used to spend the summer months, venture into thick undergrowth and make your way to this clearing sitting in a natural river-canyon bowl.

The nearby Jacotet River also provides nature lovers and trekkers at heart with a picturesque setting for a picnic. To add a zing of thrill to your adventure, jump in a buggy and let our seasoned guides share this wilderness with you.

L’Abattis des Cipayes is a place where nature and history converge. In days of yore, a variety of food and fruit crops such as rice, maize, lentils and cassava were also grown there. Nature has now reclaimed its own, strewing the area with an abundance of palm groves and latan trees, among others.

An experience that will make you carry home memories that will linger long after leaving this natural haven!


Activities available include:

  • Buggy Tour

The Riverline Trail holds the promise of an exciting buggy adventure for off-road enthusiasts. Take an unforgettable 1½-hour ride along rugged tree-lined trails that wind through the reserve to reach L’Abattis des Cipayes.

  • Jacotet River Trail

Enjoy a journey into a protected nature reserve on a 2-hour trail along the Jacotet River, which runs through the area. Let your senses be soothed by the sound of flowing water and birds singing in the trees as your guided discovery walk takes you on an amazing adventure.  There is no better way of feeling that wild nature.

  • Picnic at Jacotet River

The calm greenery, soothing bird songs and murmur of Jacotet River weaving its way among the rare ebony trees, thick bamboo stems and moss-covered stones set the tone for a memorable 3-hour picnic in the midst of nature.

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