BAY2BAY TOUR - Discover the south with these 11 stops

Activity is not available on weekdays due to road closure. It will only be available on weekends until further notice.

Stop 1: Jacotet Bay and Sancho Islet

On the road between Rivière des Galets and Bel Ombre are two fascinating places for those interested in stories about pirates and historical naval battles: Baie du Jacotet and îlot Sancho.


Stop 2: Bel Ombre Nature Reserve

Home to 3 spectacular reserves: the UNESCO Biosphere reserve; Frederica reserve and L’Abbatis des Cipayes; each reserve has a different ecology and a unique endemic fauna and flora. The welcome centre served as the summer residence for British and French Governors during the colonial periods.


Stop 3: Bel Ombre Sugar History

Bel Ombre’s 250-year-old history is integrally linked to sugar production in Mauritius. The Place du Moulin, where the former sugar factory was located, continues to house a sugarcane grinding mill and vintage turbines.


Stop 4: Château Lifestyle

Le Château de Bel Ombre is an iconic plantation home, which evokes vivid scenes from another time; built in the same style as the historic Treasury Building in Port Louis


Stop 5: Bel Ombre Village

A charming coastal village nestled between verdant mountains and a turquoise lagoon, is nonetheless something of a puzzle to French speakers. Why give a feminine noun, “Ombre”, a masculine descriptor, “Bel”?


Stop 6: Le Batelage de Bel Ombre

Between 1890 and 1955, this batelage was the point of embarkation for raw sugar produced by 15 regional mills, shipped to Port Louis.


Stop 7: Trevessa memorial

A stone’s throw from the Batelage, where the Rivière des Creoles flows into the Bel Ombre lagoon, is a memorial to the survivors of the Trevessa shipwreck, which washed up here on the 29th of June 1923, after surving the longest liferaft journey of 3 weeks and 1728 miles.

Stop 8: St-Martin & Baie du Cap villages

Along the winding coastal road, we pass the charming villages of St-Martin and Baie du Cap, with their magnificent views of the ocean, and their historical buildings.


Stop 9: Matthew Flinders memorial

At Macondé, is a memorial to Capt. Matthew Flinders, the famous British explorer and navigator, who in 1803 anchored in Macond bay to undertake ship repairs on his return voyage from Australia. Mistaken for a spy, he was detained by the Napoleonic forces for over 7 years as a prisoner of war.


Stop 10: Macondé

This picturesque rock derives its name from the Makonde people of East Africa. During the early colonial period, fugitive slaves of this ethnic group took shelter on this rocky peninsula.


Stop 11: La Prairie Bay

A must-visit in Mauritius, La Prairie is one of Mauritius’ iconic beaches set under the imposing mountain of Le Morne adjacent to the magnificent turquoise lagoon that surrounds it.

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