Come and explore how nature lives in this beautiful world!! 

It is inevitable that at times you feel claustrophobic in a city which is a home of millions of people, traffic, workload, family problems, and many such unwanted issues. Life demands a rejuvenation to feel better. Of course, there are many ways to give oneself a little rest, but how about a trip at the heart of nature?

Maybe there is nothing more beautiful than nature. An awkward silence, tranquilized ambiance, and large water bodies make it a heaven on earth.

Heritage Nature Reserve at Bel Ombre, Mauritius is a perfect destination to find peace, and enjoy life in the midst of green grasses, transparent water bodies, and blue sky.

What makes Heritage Nature Reserve the most opulent destination to enrich life?

The nature reserve is the only place in Mauritius that shelters a huge amount of rich flora and fauna. The area is spread across 1300 hectors surrounded by hills little plains waterfalls and narrow rivers. The reserve is truly remarkable as people can see a life beyond a crowded city. One can also observe wildlife animals like monkeys’ wild boar and java dear while taking a ride in the interiors. If someone is fortunate, he or she might even catch a glimpse of the rarest birds like Mauritian Echo or Parakeet.

In Mauritius if you have already visited other attractions then make plan to visit this place, and be a witness to an alluring beauty of nature.

An array of activities at Heritage Nature Reserve is truly remarkable to explore. Learn what are those?

Heritage Nature Reserve has several kinds of activities for visitors to enjoy the vitality of this impeccable beauty.  One can explore the corners of Mauritian diversity by getting indulged into things like 4x4 Safari Trekking Night Safari Photo safari Surf and Turf etc.

It will be better if we extract a little information about all these activities and highlight for you to have an idea. So here it is:


4x4 Safari- This is one of the most enduring activities that people do once they visit the place. Book a 4X4 safari, and get along with friends and family to observe the serene environment. The safari ride will take you to the interior where the real heart of the nature reserve lies. On your way always look around, and you will realize how priceless nature is. Try this ride without thinking of an alternative.

Trekking- People who love trekking must do once after coming over here. Not just to revitalize observations, but there are lots of things to learn and understand. One can understand the working of the ecosystem from a very close distance, and may also realize the value of protecting it from getting replenished. While traveling through the forest one can also be in close association with different types of ferns and orchids.

Night safari- Have you ever been a witness to how nature looks after sundown? An uncanny silence surrounds the place, and that it is a million dollar view. At Heritage Nature Reserve one can be a sole witness to such ambiance. There will be a 2 and a half hours ride, and it will take you to those undiscovered areas where silence dominates everything. It is true that nature is versatile as it changes its color, design, and shape during the day and even at night. At the end of the tour, the visitors are served with good food and drinks. 

Heritage Nature Reserve is a perfect destination where people can find some solace. So if you are planning a holiday in Mauritius then make sure that the itinerary has this place as a priority visit. Come and be a part of nature’s own habitat, and see how different it is from yours. One thing is sure that no one will regret after a visit.





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