Island living, a Rogers enterprise has inaugurated its Welcome Centre at Beau Champs on Friday 3rd of August. The information desks of Bel Ombre Nature Reserve and the Racing Republic have been set up in an ancient French governors’ summer house. Bel Ombre Nature Reserve invites visitors to discover an authentic region full of history and rich biodiversity while since June, the Racing Republic is offering a plethora of sport activities.

With this new visitor’s center found on the boundary of the Nature Reserve, Island Living is proposing to extend the discovery offer of Bel Ombre Nature Reserve. Propertied with 1300 hectares of preserved nature, the latter is also doted with an amazing playground that beautifully serves as exploration for visitors including Mauritians and tourists.

“In addition to the Frederica Reserve, we have two more regions to visit as from now: The Unesco Biosphere reserve that is found in the hills of L’Abbatis des Cipayes and its surroundings.” explained by Richard Stedman, CEO of Island Living. Do take note that L’Abbatis des Cipayes is an ancient camp of Indian soldiers installed on the banks of Jocotet River where nature lovers will be amazed by the abundance of palm groves and its natural setting.

If nature, with its endemic species and abundant preserved ecosystems remain the key discovery of the reserve, the 300 historic years of this spot are also put into perspective, not only by exploring l’Abbatis des Cipayes, but due to the renovation of the colonial house that has now been converted into a Welcome Center. Moreover, the renovation has been successful in revealing the stone used in the construction of the latter.

“This ancient building has served as a summer residence for the French governors during their stay on the island from 1750 to 1780”, explained Richard Stedman, CEO of Island Living, also adding that “it was indeed interesting in giving a second life to those ancient stones”.

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