Experience a night of fear and surprises at Heritage Nature reserve.  Read below to get a feel of the original safari. 

Since time immemorial people have associated darkness with negative energy and hardly found it beautiful, but when one is in the midst of nature, then darkness can be solemnly gorgeous. There can be nothing more beautiful than a moment of darkness in the middle of a nature reserve.

Heritage Nature Reserve Mauritius is an ideal place to get in close proximity to darkness. The night safari is truly an experience of a lifetime. The visitors get all kinds of benefits to enjoy a hassle-free safari.

What is so special about the night safari at Heritage Nature Reserve?

Have you seen the film ‘into the wild’ where Emile Hirsch goes on an expedition in the deep jungle and found a life beyond everything? Heritage Nature Reserve is not that scary, but the experiences will be no less than the movie. The night safari has every bit of fear, surprising elements, and unnatural happening.

How the safari has been designed for the visitors?

The night safari at Heritage Nature Reserve is designed in a way for the tourist to absorb the uncanny environment. It's a 2 and a half hour journey, and the visitors will be taken across the different geographical areas of the region. At every trip, a guide will be provided with the visitors to give them a better understanding of the area.

The night safari gets interesting as the vehicle starts moving into the deep. You will find the roads getting narrower in between the large trees. If luck favours then people might see some wildlife animals like stag at a kissing distance. 

There is also a hidden waterfall in the reserve which looks alluring at night. One should stop the car for some time, and observe how the waterfall is continuously flowing down and getting mingled with a narrow stream.

At the end of the trip, the visitors will be taken back to the camp where refreshments like food and drinks are provided. The night safari across the reserve is well planned for the tourist to recall the experiences for many more years.

Why will the visitors fall in love with the night safari experience?

In your daily struggling life have you ever noticed the sun going below the horizon? Have you been a witness to such a magical visual in the sky?  Maybe never, but out here you can take part in that transformation. The night safari experience will commence as the sun slowly goes beyond the horizon with the last rays scattered over the sky.

Slowly the entire reserve will be filled with darkness, and nothing apart from the vehicle headlight will be visible. As the car moves you will observe deep grooves on both the sides. The view is mesmerizing, and one will definitely have an eerie feeling.




Silence is an attribute of the night safari. The visitors who live in the city are polluted with sound, and they will love this awkward silence. As the car moves rustling sound of the dry leaves can be heard with no other distractions.

At Heritage Nature Reserve night safari is the most wishful experience that people always wants to have once they visit the place.

Apart from enjoyment there is one more thing which should be maintained, and that is discipline. The people should follow the decorum inside a natural reserve.

Apart from night safari Heritage Nature Reserve offers several other experiences like:

•    Adventure trail- It is a combination of trekking and motorsports where visitors travel in the interior of the reserve to witness the sugar cane fields waterfall etc.

•     Photo safari- There is also provision for photo safari at Heritage Nature Reserve. Visitors will be guided by expert professionals to go to the places where the best moments can be captured.

•    Surf and Turf- In surf and turf visitors can experience a wonderful journey starting with a morning swim with dolphins, and later lunch on the beach.

So if you are free around the weekend, then invite few friends and get on with a night safari at Heritage Natural Reserve.  This will be an experience of a lifetime.

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