‘Experience a trek of a lifetime at Heritage Nature Reserve’

Around 80% of people visit a nature reserve just to observe the scenery around and spent some quality time, but there are many who wish to go for a trek in that area. It is true that trekking gives goose bump if done in a proper way.

Heritage Nature Reserve in Mauritius is a perfect fit for a trek in the lap of nature. People who have already visited the place for trekking had an enchanting experience. One has to travel across deep groves small hills, and water bodies to reach their destination. The entire journey will be filled with suspense surprises and unnatural happenings.

Welcome to natures home

In the midst of work pressure, people need little space to overcome things and make a new beginning. A visit to Heritage Nature Reserve is the best way to heal your mind and heart. The nature reserve is spread across a huge area, and every part of the place is filled with green vegetation. 

Trekking at Heritage Nature Reserve revives every bit of lost energy in life. You may have climbed the mountains, but never trekked in the interiors of a nature reserve. While moving across you will be a witness to different kinds of wild plants like Bois chandelle which are rare to find in other places.

Suddenly you may need to pause, and take a look at some uncommon birds like Echo Parakeet or Mauritian fruit bat sitting on the branches of a tree. It is an experience which comes rarely in life, and if it comes then don’t let it go away.

It is not only the glorification of nature, but there is a lot to learn from this trek. People can understand the ecosystem and many related things which a book or some blogs won’t suffice.

Some important tips that is necessary to take before going for a trek at Heritage Nature Reserve

A trek across the Heritage Nature Reserve is not that difficult, but every person who is doing it for the first time needs to know certain things for their own good.

·         Wear proper clothes- It is important to wear proper clothes on a trek. The preferred ones are long trousers, and long sleeve shirts made of dry material. Remember to tuck the shirt inside the trouser, and the trouser inside the boots for a comfortable journey.

·         For hydration-Always carry good amount of water at least 3 to 5 litres to cover the entire day. This is important to replenish the body salts and sugar.

·         Protect your skin- While trekking the skin will be exposed to the sunlight, and it may create rashes and sores. Always apply an anti-fungal cream before the trek.  This will help to protect the skin from all kinds of harmful elements in the air.

·         Try to remain silent- A natural reserve is a home to many wildlife creatures, and it is recommended not to disturb them by making unnecessary sound.  While on a trek try to remain quite as much as possible.

·         Always focus on your surroundings- A trek in a group doesn’t mean to reach the destination early before anyone but observe the surroundings, feel the wintry air, and experience life inside a natural reserve.  The beauty of trekking lies in observation of the surrounding.

·         Better if you carry a camera- Even shooting the natural wonders around is a great idea. Always carry your own camera while trekking through the nature reserve. You may get to capture some unbelievable moments of a lifetime.

 If trekking is your choice of spending a holiday then Heritage Nature Reserve is the perfect destination to do a trek in the midst of a natural phenomenon. Before you plan the trip visit the website and find out the different activities that are provided. There is complete safety inside the natural reserve, and is even good for children and women. 

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