• What are your opening hours?

We are open from Mondays to Sundays from 08.30 to 17.00.

• Can I bring my own quad bike?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do so. Our tours are conducted on our private lands, and we are not insured for people seeking to ride their own bikes.

• What are the minimum ages for activities?

Bel Ombre Nature Reserve would like to remind its valuable guests that certain age limits apply for its motorized activities.

Double quad: Drivers 18 years old and passengers 12 years old.

Single quad: Drivers 16 years old.

Buggies: Drivers 16 years old and passengers 5 years old.

4x4: Passengers as from 3 years old

Trekking: as from 8 years old.

• Do I need a driver’s licence?

No, you do not need a driver’s licence. You may need it as identification when requested.

• How do you identify and provide for people with specific needs?

Depending on the clients' concerns, we always offer the clients the opportunity to ride the bike themselves. To do this, we have developed a procedure whereby, clients will do a test drive to provide them with an opportunity to develop confidence, and/or demonstrate that they can handle the bike (noting that safety comes first). Our guides provide a personal induction and ‘one on one’ time with the client and following the client’s brief riding demonstration, our guides will make an educated assessment on their ability. If for any reason, the Guide (or the client) determines that they are unable to ride the vehicle alone, then you will be provided with other options.

Disability Riders / Youth and Elderly: We may provide additional guide to drive for them, or they can share the quad of the Tour Leader.

• Do you operate in all weather?

Yes, we do. Come hail or shine, we operate all year round. Tours may be cancelled during bad weather.

If your tour is cancelled, we will contact you to make another arrangement.

This being said, if we cancel and you can't make another time, we'll offer you a FULL REFUND.

• I have never ridden a quad bike before. Can I still go on a tour?

Everyone receives a bike familiarisation and clear instructions before they set off on the adventure. All riders must do a test drive before they set off on the tour. In the event that the guide notices that a customer is not comfortable with the quad, the customer will be provided with other options.

• Is quad biking safe?

Yes, provided that all rules and instructions given by the guide are followed. You will be told the Do's and Don'ts of riding quad bikes (ATVs) on arrival. If these simple rules are disregarded while on your tour, you will be asked to leave the tour. This is purely for your safety and the safety of other passengers. Your safety is of upmost importance.

• What makes you different to other ATV operators?

We are the ONLY Quad Bike operator that has exclusive access to the Largest Nature Reserve within this magnificent landscape! Bel Ombre Nature Reserve lies in some 1,300 hectares of pristine vegetation and breathtaking views. We are committed to providing all customers the knowledge on the ecology of Bel Ombre. Our Nature reserve offers memorable experiences that are educational, fun, entertaining, while promoting life-long learning (flora, fauna, history, conservation).

• Where does the tour go?

Depending on the tour you choose, you will cover up to anything between 20 - 30 kms of riding. During the drive, you will get to admire stunning views and a variety of endemic fauna and flora. You may also be able to swim at one of the two waterfalls, depending on the activity done.

• Do we need to go with a guide, or can we just ride on our own?

All our activities are guided as Bel Ombre Nature Reserve lies in some 1,300 hectares of pristine vegetation and breathtaking views. We are guardians of this reserve and its unique fauna and flora; as such we need to ensure that all visitors are well briefed before and during their activities. We shall show you the best spots, while telling you about our the south's history, culture and nature.

• What if it's raining?

Weather does not affect the departure of our tours as the quad bikes perform equally well in wet or dry conditions. We do provide raincoats in case of rain. However severe rainfalls or flash flood may result in cancellation of the tour.

• How many people are in each group/depart?

We operate a maximum of 6 bikes for 1 guide to maintain adequate levels of supervision. We can currently take up to 25 people per session with additional tour guides.


All participants must wear a helmet.

All participants must follow the instructions of the guide.

All riders must do a test drive before they set off on the tour. In the event that the guide notices that a customer is not comfortable with the quad they will be provided with other options.

All participants must follow the tour guide in a single queue, spaced approximately 7 meters lengths apart.

All participants must take responsibility to become aware of the features of the ATV prior to the ride, including location of brakes, throttle, and ignition switch.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol before and during the drive.

All participants must sign a disclaimer form.

We reserve the right to cancel or change tours due to inclement weather, safety reasons, insufficient bookings, or events beyond our control.

You are responsible for the equipment you use.

• Can I participate in the Quad Bike tours while pregnant?

For safety of the mother and baby we do not allow pregnant women to participate on our quad bike tours.

• What to bring?

Sun block cream, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, camera, spare set of clothes, swimming suit, and towel.

• What to wear?

Sports or walking shoes, jean or trousers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat or cap for trekking.

• Why on our flyers it says eco quad and eco buggy when it is not eco at all?

The term "eco" refers to the fact that our buggies and quads are designed to have a low impact on the environment compared to traditional vehicles. Our buggies and quads are brand new, with low emissions engines and are less likely to damage the natural environment, which is why we use the term "eco" on our flyers.

• Why we use the term sustainability when we use fuel engine?

We understand your concern about our use of fuel engines. However, we believe that sustainability is not just about using renewable energy sources, but also about minimizing our impact on the environment. While we continue to use fuel engines, we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are in the process of replacing our older vehicles with a new fleet of vehicles that use low emission engines. Additionally, we have implemented a regular maintenance program to ensure that our vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. We use the term sustainability because we are committed to taking measures to ensure the long-term health of the natural environment in the reserve, including reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our impact on the environment.

• Why do we use chemical product in the reserve?

We use chemical products as a last resort for controlling invasive plant species in the reserve. While we prefer to use natural methods for weeding and controlling invasive species, in some cases, chemical products are necessary to protect the native flora and fauna in the reserve. We ensure that all chemical products are used in accordance with local and national regulations and in a way that minimizes harm to the environment.

• Will the new golf course have a negative impact on the reserve?

The builders have taken great care in the planning and design of the new golf course to minimize its impact on the reserve. The golf course has been designed to integrate with the natural landscape and to preserve the existing flora and fauna. We have also implemented measures to reduce water consumption, prevent soil erosion, and minimize chemical use. In fact, the planners are pursuing a GEO certification for the new golf course, which is a recognition of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. GEO certification is an internationally recognized ecolabel for golf facilities that meet strict standards for sustainable practices, including the protection of wildlife habitats and the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

• What is the conservation action (apart from planting trees in river Jactotet) that Bel Ombre Nature Reserve has taken in the reserve ?

We take our responsibility as stewards of the reserve seriously and are committed to conservation efforts beyond planting trees. We work closely with local environmental organizations and governmental bodies to develop and implement conservation initiatives, such as monitoring and protecting endangered species, restoring degraded habitats, and reducing the impact of human activities on the environment. We also offer educational programs to raise awareness of conservation issues and to promote sustainable behaviour. Our activities are designed to be a positive force for conservation in the reserve and the surrounding region.

• What is the area of the reserve?

The reserve is 1300 hectares.

• How long is the track for Quad / Buggy tour?

The track is 22 kilometres.

• How long does the quad / buggy tour takes?

The Quad / Buggy tour requires 2 hours to complete all exercises.

• Are the Quad and Buggy manual transmission?

All our vehicles are of automatic transmission. (no gear changes are required).

• Can I pay on the date of activity?

Payment should be made prior to activity date to secure booking.

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